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Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator (Beta 0.2) Demo · SleepyCat is using cookies to help give you the best experience we can. 1 million Spartans VS 2k Auto Shotguns - Mass Projectile Demonstration In Sequel.The D.C. Council today approved a bill making it easier for the state to seize property in which a drug dealer owns an interest. Under the bill, property can be taken when a drug dealer owns at least a 10% share of the property, and forfeiture can occur even when the property is not subject to a lien. Before the bill passed, police would have to get a court order to take property in which the suspect owns an interest. The bill was inspired by a case in which the District government took a 25-year-old Albertson’s shopping center in Southeast. The owner of the property was Robert Asher, a suspected drug dealer. Police seized the property in 2009, and Asher challenged the seizure in court, arguing that he didn’t have any ownership interest in the property. The government argued that he had an interest because he was a “constructive owner” of the shopping center. D.C. Councilmember Tommy Wells, who sponsored the bill, said that he was shocked that property owners can be legally kicked off their property even if they have little, if any, ownership. “It’s not right, and I’m trying to close the loophole,” said Wells, “We have an epidemic of drug use in this city, and the police are spending an enormous amount of time and resources policing these situations.” The government has yet to seize property through this bill, but if it did, the city could forfeit any property that is not subject to a lien, and could even seize property that is not owned by the suspect. “The owner of this property has no idea that the street in front of the store is a priority target for police and that the items in the store can be seized,” Wells said. D.C. police and city officials will have to explain how they will enforce the bill. D.C. is the first city in the country to have such a law, and lawmakers say the measure is the result of a large citizen’s demand to enforce stricter drug laws. Share this: Twitter Facebook Q: Deleting elements from a list by their ac619d1d87

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